Who should attend?

CEOs – minimise the risk of non-compliance and fines of €20m or 4% of turnover

Senior executives and divisional directors – understand the far-reaching implications of GDPR

Digital marketing managers – ensure you have everything in place when communicating digitally

Marketing managers – communicate compliantly with customers and prospects

Compliance managers – check your approach is as comprehensive as it needs to be

IT managers – gain more knowledge about the regulations to dovetail IT systems

Data processors and customer service advisors – often the frontline users of data, improve your understanding of the regulations for more confidence when handling customer information

Dealer principals and general managers – extend your GDPR knowledge so you can be sure your dealership is compliant

Sales managers – leaving a customer’s information on a form on your desk in full view is a data breach, make sure you fully appreciate the extent of GDPR

Service managers – with the service team often most in contact with customers, it is imperative the entire department is on board with GDPR