GDPR – Are you prepared? See the programme here...

The new GDPR regulations are just weeks away and as the biggest shake-up in data protection regulation in decades, preparations are well underway at businesses up and down the country. Our conference has been designed to doublecheck your strategy against expert opinion to ensure you are on the right track to compliance.

The GDPR is raising the bar to a higher standard for consent as well as making it easy for people to withdraw their consent. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is about marketing alone, GDPR affects every aspect of your business.

This event explores some of the detail through the eyes of compliance specialists, marketing gurus and data protection experts.

We tackle questions like what should your privacy policy look like, when should you report a security breach and do you need to employ a data protection officer?

With the Information Commissioner’s Office (the regulator in the UK) providing its updated guidance in December ahead of the implementation of the regulations in May 2018, our conference is perfectly timed so you can be confident your business is compliant

See the programme here...

10 questions we’ll be asking

  • What’s the biggest challenge facing dealers with GDPR?
  • How are dealer preparations going?
  • Are dealers confident they will be ready by May 2018?
  • How are dealers ensuring employees have the right knowledge and training to be compliant?
  • Should dealers employ a data compliance or data protection officer?
  • Does GDPR see marketing and IT becoming even closer companions?
  • What will some of the aspects of GDPR look like in practice?
  • Have dealers ensured they have GDPR compliant consent for current data?
  • What additional processes need to be in place throughout the business under GDPR?
  • Will GDPR be the death knell for customer communications as we know it?

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10 Reasons to attend GDPR – Are you prepared?

  • Find out how other businesses are approaching GDPR
  • Benchmark your GDPR strategy against the experts
  • Return to your dealership with insights from GDPR specialists
  • Get to grips with some of the nitty gritty of the legislation
  • Exchange views, ideas and tips with dealer and manufacturer colleagues
  • Tackle big data questions such as how it should be stored, managed, used and kept secure
  • Review the finer points such as the rights of the individual and the right to be forgotten
  • Make sure you know the different ways of processing data other than consent
  • Understand whether your organisation or your suppliers should be ISO27001 accredited
  • Be confident you and your employees understand their responsibilities under GDPR